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In honor of America’s 236th birthday, I’d like to leave you with these gems (all of which come from and all credit should go to Happy 4th!  ‘MERICA!

Abe on a bear


Thomas Jefferson fist fighting a gorilla

Teddy Roosevelt fighting Sasquatch

Reagan riding a velocoraptor

JFK: Alien Hunter

George Washington fighting zombies

Ben Franklin vs Zeus

Andrew Jackson: Alien Slayer

Also because I love to shamelessly show off my dog, I’d like to tell you a story.  See, she loves walks.  I figure, what better way to celebrate the 106 degree weather than take my dog on a walk to Dairy Queen to sit under giant shady umbrellas, eat an Oreo Blizzard (what’s more American than that), and have a big cup of ice water (that was for Lucy).  It started fine, but within just a few blocks, this is what happened.

One of us has a genuine smile.  The other does not.  You can guess which one is which.

And within seconds of  <li><del>walking</del></li> being carried in the door, Lucy found the fan and waiting with baited breath for me to bring her a bowl of ice water.



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