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Reading the Presidents One by One

William Henry Harrison- Old Tippercanoe

If you recall back several weeks, I mentioned I was having trouble finding a book on WH Harrison.  This problem was eventually solved by my buying the first book I could find on him that was less than $40.  What I ended up with was this:


I didn’t really pay much attention to the book before starting, and it wasn’t until our author, Freeman Cleaves, started using words like “halfbreed” and “painted redmen” that I realized this book had been written in 1939 and terms like that were perfectly acceptable then.  After a second scan online, it’s true that there aren’t any current books on him to be found.  I guess no one has much to say about a man who was only President for about a month (but somehow was interesting enough to have a 500 page book written about him).


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