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Reading the Presidents One by One

Andy J was a B.A

That stands for bad ass.  Because I think he was.

On Read Across America Day (or in my case, Read Across American History Day) I started the next guy in line, Andrew Jackson.  While I spent the weekend traveling and doing lesson plans, I managed to get a bit of reading in.  So far, he’s pretty awesome.

Also, now that I’m up to like, 5 presidents behind schedule (thanks a lot to my new job…and who am I kidding…Pinterest), I’ve decided to stop caring and stressing and start spending more time enjoying each fellow.

Don’t worry- it was wrinkled and ripped when it arrived.  I CERTAINLY didn’t do that to a book!


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One thought on “Andy J was a B.A

  1. Miranda on said:

    Andy is my least favorite Prez. Largely due in part to his decision to “remove” the Native Americans. In defiance of the Supreme Court. Horrible man to force the Trail of Tears. Just IMHO.

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