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The Kind of Fellow I can Admire

I’m not quite finished with JQA, but I just wanted to put out on the great interwebs some of the things that I really like about him (unlike his father, who had absolutely no characteristics I liked).

1. His favorite hobbies included a daily nude swim in the Pontomac River at between 4:15 and 5 am and getting shitfaced and playing the flute.  I can imagine that it turned out like this gem:

2. Apparently no one in the world was good enough to marry him, according to his mother.  He kept falling in love with ladies and Mommy Dearest kept putting the kibosh on it.  At one point he mentioned that he really needed to get to finding a lady friend because he had “a receding hairline and was a few pounds overweight.”  Sounds an awful lot like a line from my favorite movie (first 15 seconds or so of this clip).


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